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For many years, as Dieticians and Nutritionists, we watched models, fashion enthusiasts and soon to be brides/grooms struggle to solve their health and weight problems. We saw the need for simple, useful tools and tips to help them become healthy and happy. Taking from the best of nutritional science and food research, we put together our ideas from the skills and patterns that consistently show up in healthy Models. Our goal was to create a program that could be understood by a fashionists with different needs and requirements for their health and beauty and turn them to be an N-lite'd Model.

Diet4Models is a unit of N-lite Nutrition And Health Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. 

Diet4Models came into existence after a need was felt for right guidance in an area where tiredness, bad health and fatigue is a very common problem. Thus we enable a model to understand her body's need and hence provide it with best possible nutrition.

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