While we as an expert team of Diet4Models, were thinking of enhancing the body shape and beauty of a models with diet and nutrition, we felt similar need that requires the same attention and pampering in terms of nutrition i.e. a bride or a groom few weeks pre wedding. A very good diet before wedding ensures that your work on your looks and shape does not go futile on wedding day.

Diet for Bride

Brides have a very busy and tiring schedule of weight loss work outs, beauty regime, shopping and outdoor eating. Due to unhealthy diet before marriage their health loses its priority. The beauty of skin, hair, nails etc is a direct manifestation of their internal health that is very much visible as a fatigue on the wedding day. It is essential to get proper nutrients through a well balanced diet for bride. Diet for good skin and hair should be the diet

Diet for Groom

On the wedding day the groom should be full of energy with vibrancy on the face. With the time packed functions, the hectic schedules of shopping, health loses priority. A healthy Diet before marriage takes a backstage and results fatigue on the D day.

When we talk of the nutrition for the professional exertion in models/celebrities, weddings are also the occasion that strains the nerves. Therefore diet of a bride / diet for groom and their nutrition couple of months before their marriage cannot be ignored.

The Bride should be well-nurtured and pampered for her D-Day. i.e. her SHAADI.

From tiring shopping, unending lists of work to be done, the last day exertion of attending guests to the series of rituals, there are so many activities that the diet of the bride takes the backseat. Though she takes usual cosmetic pre-bridal package, the inner beauty gets hidden due to the strain in preparations for last two months. As a result she starts facing few symptoms like: -

  • Weakness/lack of energy
  • Nausea/Indigestion/Frequent Headache
  • Tiredness of face
  • Drooping/puffy Eyes
  • Dull Skin
  • Improper body language

Therefore, Diet4Models team takes an initiative to prepare the bride/groom and their skin, hair and body to look perfect. So, the "Celebrity of the Day" can stay cheerful, full of energy and glowing on the wedding day.

We will plan the complete diet to be taken before marriage days. We will give the right nutrition and a balanced diet for your body, so you can look your best on the day when you step to an important milestone of your life.

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