The industry demands you but not at the cost of your health

The fashion industry demands its models to be in perfect body shape and skinny all the time. The models spend a lot of time and energy trying to stay slim. They try to maintain a minimum body weight, or slightly lower at times. There are lots of reasons which make a model's diet extremely low in nutrition.

Being thin, or taking low calorie diet, in itself is not evil. The problem is the obsession and pressure to live up to such image, resulting in damage to health and self-worth. Nutrition for models takes a backstage and results in eating disorder in models. Diet for good skin and hair is required to bring in beauty from inside. A model's diet should be a low calorie diet but it should not miss a nutritional requirement that brings health and vitality. Eating disorder in models can cause an irreparable damage to a model's health and career.

Diet4Models takes an initiative to enlighten all the young men and women who are models or aspire to be one with the right Diet and Nutrition.

Good Nutrition and Diet for models works to help all those also who want health , energy , vitality together with beauty and shape but without fatigue and weakness.

Has anyone thought of the health implications of being thin and neglecting diet. Erratic diet and lifestyle leads them to nowhere but number of problems like:

  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Dull skin, hair, eyes
  • Poor appetite
  • Weakened immune system
  • Infertility

Models have a specific schedule of work outs, beauty regime and time with their personal trainers. Due to this their health loses its priority. The beauty of skin, hair, nails etc is a direct manifestation of their internal health. It is essential to get proper nutrients through a well balanced diet. Exercise is very essential to maintain a good toned body. Sleep for a model is very important. It's difficult because with their kind of schedule on shoots, it's very hard to get proper sleep. We want to make sure that they get adequate hours of sleep a day.

N-lite promotes health as a part of beauty.

Wellness consultations for fashion models will include their areas of concern like:

  • Eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia, binge eating etc
  • Nutrition for Healthy skin, hair & nails
  • Exercise and workouts
  • Weight loss supplements and pills
  • How to cope up with nutritional deficiencies
  • Sleep disorders

Diet for models will give you:

  • Well balanced nutrition for a models
  • Low calorie diets for a perfect shape
  • Diet for good skin and hair
  • The ways to deal with eating disorder in models
  • Diet to complement your work outs

Celebrity Diet:

Celebrities -always in the spotlight, always having to look good, and always ready to jump on the next flight to a photo shoot or an event on the other side of the world. Models, musicians, actors and singers all fall into the same category when it comes to weight management and shape maintenance. Celebrity diet thus also holds a similar importance in their life.

So think beyond your body and be a successful model with a fantastic health and mind.

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